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Twenty million dogs are brutally killed every year and fear of rabies is often used as the excuse. But killing dogs doesn’t stop rabies; vaccination is the only proven solution. To protect dogs, WSPA began the Collars Not Cruelty campaign. We are showing that compassion works — saving more than 300,000 dogs from unnecessary and cruel deaths.

Why collars?

Every year more than 55,000 people die from rabies — a 100% preventable disease. When confronted with a rabies outbreak, governments in developing nations sometimes turn to what they believe is the only way to wipe out rabies: wipe out the dog population. But killing dogs has never been shown to stop rabies. Only widespread dog vaccination is scientifically proven to stop it long-term.

Through the Collars Not Cruelty campaign, WSPA works with local partners and authorities to stop the killing of dogs and instead set up vaccination clinics. The dogs are vaccinated against rabies and given a bright red collar so the community knows these dogs are safe; preventing them from being killed and protecting everyone from rabies.

What’s next?

WSPA has a history of launching successful vaccination clinics in Sri Lanka, Latin America, Bali, and in sites across Bangladesh — visit our case studies section to find out more. Starting in fall 2012, WSPA is proud to announce a partnership with the Bangladesh government on a national action plan to stamp out rabies across that country and end the unnecessary killing of dogs, due to rabies, for good. WSPA is also rolling out vaccination programs in the Philippines and Indonesia in partnership with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and national governments.

Want to help?

Join WSPA in spreading the word about the importance of choosing Collars Not Cruelty in the fight against rabies and support our work to protect dogs from cruelty and abuse. Donate now>>

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