Sumon the dog whisperer

Most local children in Tongi municipality like dogs and love to play with puppies but when we meet 10 year old Sumon it is clear that he has even more of a natural touch with the dogs in his area, a natural dog whisperer.

Sumon holds a puppy while it receives a rabies vaccination

Sumon heard that dog vaccination teams were working through Tongi vaccinating as many dogs and puppies as possible against rabies and knew he could help.

"I know where all of the dog families live and so I knew I could help you catch them for their injections," said Sumon.

"I really like all animals. The dogs all like me because I give them scraps of food whenever I can and I’m always kind and talk nicely to the puppies so the mother dogs always let me pet them. I know how to pick the puppies up properly without hurting them and never annoy them."

Sumon is very agile and clambers easily over concrete and corrugated iron fences, leading the vaccination team to at least three different litters and helping to catch and vaccinate more than 20 dogs.

Ten year old Sumon with a local puppy

He shows us how the stray dogs carefully choose a safe place to have their litters — protected under trees or behind buildings, tucked up together in den like areas away from local eyes.

While the mother dogs were anxious and stressed by strangers holding their puppies, they clearly trusted Sumon and wagged their tails in welcome as carefully he climbed into the den areas to place each vaccinated puppy back with its litter.

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