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ARCH in action: images of relief effort

Jan 29, 2010
The Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti, a join initiative led by WSPA and IFAW, has been working hard to protect Haiti’s vulnerable animals. Click through for a slideshow of their efforts so far.

2009 Achievements for animals

Jan 29, 2010
Thank you. With your support, WSPA and our member societies achieved great things for animals last year. Watch our video and see some of the changes you helped make possible

Animal aid reaches Haiti

Jan 26, 2010
WSPA and the ARCH team arrived in Haiti over the weekend, to aid animals affected by the devastating earthquake.

Haitian government requests WSPA aid

Jan 21, 2010
In the aftermath of the worst natural disaster in recent history, the Haitian government has asked WSPA to lead a team of experts to provide aid to stricken animals.

Join us and help the animals of Haiti

Jan 14, 2010
The world is responding to the disaster in Haiti, and people around the world are coming together to help in any way they can. The animal victims of this disaster will desperately need help too, and animal welfare groups are joining forces to come to their aid.

WSPA assessing animal welfare need in Haiti

Jan 13, 2010
Since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, WSPA’s Disaster Team has been working hard to monitor the situation and assess what WSPA can do for the animals.

WSPA Canada launches Face to Face Fundraising in Ontario and BC!

Jan 4, 2010
WSPA Canada will be launching Face to Face and Door to Door fundraising in January 2010, and this campaign will be running until May 2010 in Ontario and British Columbia.

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