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Outrage against Norway’s whaling: Over 101,000 people call for an end to cruelty

Jun 17, 2010
Over 101,000 people from more than 120 countries have signed WSPA’s open letter calling on Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to end the country’s cruel commercial whaling. This is the largest public outcry against Norway’s whaling since it resumed in 1993.

65,000 dogs saved in Bali

Jun 15, 2010
Veterinary teams have vaccinated more than 40,000 dogs against rabies in Bali, saving more than 65,000 from government culls.

Appalling new footage shows cruelty of Norwegian whaling

Jun 15, 2010
New footage gathered by WSPA shows the brutal reality of whaling in Norway, and shows why the ban on commercial whaling must not be lifted. Act now: we have 24 hours to register our demand to stop this cruelty.

Latin American bloc opposes lifting ban on commercial whaling

Jun 4, 2010
Hope for the whales: The Latin American bloc of the IWC has made it clear that commercial whaling should be a thing of the past, rejecting the IWC’s proposal to overturn the long-standing moratorium.

WSPA report reveals problems at CFIA

Jun 2, 2010
Review of Canadian Food Inspection Agency reports shows that Canada's animal transport regulations are not being effectively enforced, putting animal welfare at risk.

Campaign to end bullfighting in Catalonia gathers momentum

Jun 1, 2010
Ricky Gervais, the comedian, writer and animal lover, has spoken out in support of WSPA’s campaign to end the cruelty of bullfighting, saying the worst kind of cruelty is that which is done in the name of entertainment.

IWC proposal could harpoon commercial whaling ban

Apr 23, 2010
The International Whaling Commission has published a proposal which could destroy the 24-year ban on commercial whaling, and allow Japan, Norway and Iceland to kill close to 13,000 whales in the next ten years.

Speak out against slaughter: Whales need you

Apr 8, 2010
International pressure grows on Norway to curb its cruel whaling. Make your voice heard by signing WSPA’s petition to the Norwegian Prime Minister today.

Feature: Easing the burden for horses and donkeys

Apr 1, 2010
Across Israel and Palestine, thousands of horses, donkeys and mules provide livelihoods for their owners, facing problems like overloading and untreated lameness. Two projects are working to ease their burden…

Feature: A new home and a new life

Mar 26, 2010
After living a life filled with suffering, bears that have been rescued are often unable to adapt to a life in the wild. Here's an update on the new life we're providing for baited bears in Pakistan...

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