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Tragedy strikes Kund Park sanctuary

Jul 30, 2010
WSPA fears that as many as 23 bears may have been killed after flooding in Pakistan caused severe damage to the WSPA-funded Kund Park bear sanctuary. The floods were caused by what is being described as the ‘heaviest monsoon flooding since 1929’.

Catalonia makes history by banning bullfights

Jul 28, 2010
Today’s vote to ban bullfighting in Catalonia is a momentous victory for the global animal welfare movement and marks a clear shift in attitudes towards cruel blood sports.

140,000 people, 120 countries, 1 message: Ban bullfighting now

Jul 26, 2010
WSPA has handed over a letter expressing international support for the ILP in Catalonia, to Ernest Benach, the President of the Catalonian Parliament. The letter has been signed by over 140,000 supporters from 120 countries, calling for an end to bullfighting in Catalonia.

Mounting international support as Catalonia considers abolishing bullfighting

Jul 23, 2010
Days before the Catalonian Parliament votes on whether to end bullfighting in Catalonia, national and international support calling for the abolition of bullfighting is intensifying.

Make your holiday animal-friendly

Jul 12, 2010
Take your animal-friendly values with you when you travel this summer, with our top ten tips for a compassionate vacation.

Haiti: A six month update

Jul 12, 2010
Thanks to generous donations from WSPA supporters, our disaster management team – as part of the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH) – has made great strides in providing disaster relief to the animals and people of Haiti during the past six months.

Have an animal-friendly holiday

Jul 8, 2010
Take your animal-friendly values with you when you travel this summer, with our top ten tips for a compassionate vacation.

Whales granted reprieve after whaling ban vote postponed

Jun 23, 2010
The ban on commercial whaling will stay in place for now, as the IWC has failed to reach a consensus on a proposal that could have seen an increase in whaling quotas for the first time in 25 years.

World against whaling: WSPA demonstrates global opposition to whaling at the IWC

Jun 22, 2010
With the IWC negotiations taking place behind closed doors, WSPA today was joined by the Australian Minister for Environmental Protection, Peter Garrett, to demonstrate the global opposition to whaling.

Sir Paul McCartney says cruel slaughter of whales must end

Jun 21, 2010
Sir Paul McCartney has joined the global battle to save whales and the whaling ban.

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