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New Ontario bill to prevent tragic tiger maulings

Nov 1, 2010
WSPA applauds bill to licence the keeping of exotic animals and urges fast passage.

WSPA applauds CFIA for increasing fines for animal transport violations

Oct 28, 2010
On the heels of WSPA's Curb the Cruelty report, CFIA has announced that they are “cracking down on those who mistreat and improperly transport livestock by more than doubling the fines – the first increase in over 10 years”.

WSPA delivers water to drought-stricken Bolivian animals

Oct 12, 2010
In the face of the driest summer in 20 years in Bolivia’s already arid El Chaco region, WSPA has begun to supply water to safeguard approximately 9,000 animals from possible death.

WSPA and SPHERE India working together

Oct 12, 2010
The humanitarian agency SPHERE has joined with WSPA to help ensure the people and their animals of Leh, Kashmir survive a minus 30 degree winter

10 things you can do for animals right now

Oct 5, 2010
In honour of World Animal Week, we've created a list of ten things you can do right now to make a difference for animals, whether it's signing our petitions, making animal-friendly choices or helping spread the word about animal welfare.

Bali launches historic island-wide campaign to eradicate rabies

Sep 21, 2010
In a lead up to World Rabies Day, the Bali government has just signed an agreement authorising the mass vaccination of nearly 400,000 dogs as an essential first step towards eradicating rabies from the island by 2012.

South Korean government to consider ending bear farming

Sep 16, 2010
On 15 September, the South Korean government began a historic process that could end bear farming in the country.

Romania’s 52nd bear is rescued

Sep 9, 2010
On 25 August the Romanian Police and members of the Environment Guard rescued a bear cub from a village guesthouse near Fagaras and have now safely moved him to the Zarnesti bear sanctuary, where he will now live alongside five other young bears.

Pakistan floods ravage bear sanctuary

Aug 20, 2010
Sadly, WSPA must report some distressing news from our bear baiting project in Pakistan. The recent floods have severely affected the Kund Park sanctuary, resulting in the tragic death of 20 of the 23 bears living there.

Three surviving bears rescued from Pakistan floods

Aug 3, 2010
BRC staff launched heroic rescues over the weekend, saving three of the 23 bears that were feared dead as Kund Park was submerged in the floods last week.

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